Aug 172009
Gulnara Karimova
17.08.09 16:29
Gulnara Karimova gets chance to improve from “the worst daughter” – The president of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan (HRSU), Abdujalil Boymatov, has sent Gulnara Karimova a letter urging her to help to free the imprisoned human rights activist, Norboy Holjigitov, whose advanced diabetes led to his limbs’ gangrene.

Today HRSU President Abdujalil Boymatov sent a letter to the Uzbek envoy to the UN Gulnara Karimova in Geneva, requesting for her urgent involvement in releasing the imprisoned human rights activist, Norboy Holjigitov, who is suffering from a severe form of pancreatic diabetes.

“I am appealing to you as a young politician and the Uzbek ambassador in the UNO, hoping to find the kind heart of a woman and a human-being in you.

I am asking you to help urgently to free the ill and old man, Norboy Holjigitov, a member of the HRSU in Ishtihan District of Samarkand Region, from the 64/49 prison in Karshi. Continue reading »