Aug 042009

Oyazimhon Hidirova
04.08.09 23:25
Jizak rights activist appeals against her detention – Lawyers of Jizak-based farmer and human rights activist Oyazimhon Hidirova have appealed against the Arnasay District court’s ruling in line with which Hidirova is being held in custody while an investigation into her case is under way.

The appeal, submitted today, will be heard tomorrow but it is not clear whether she would be able to attend it because while in custody her condition has deteriorated.

At the trial on 31 July she fainted and was taken to the detention centre’s medical unit and she is still there in serious condition.

Local activists said that Hidirova was detained on 28 July on charges of fraud, tax evasion and hooliganism.

The Arnasay District court ordered that she would be kept in custody while an investigation into her case was under way.

They said that she had been detained after she exposed cases of corruption in Jizak Region as a result of which she lost her plot of land.

This prompted her to join a human rights organisation and fight for justice. Now the mother of two is facing an unjust trial and a long sentence, local sympathisers said.

Jul 312009

Gulbahor Turayeva; photo:
31.07.09 22:46
Husband of rights activist assaulted in Andijan – The husband of human rights activist Gulbahor Turayeva who was pardoned and released was violently beaten up in Andijan on 25 July. This attack is a result of a campaign launched against Turayeva’s family, the Initiative Group of Independent Human Rights Activists of Uzbekistan believes.

The group said that Turayeva’s husband Farit Yangildin was attacked outside his home in Andijan’s residential area on the night of 25 July.

His neighbours Dmitriy Yakubovich and Vladimir Akulshin beat him up and demanded that he and his family move out from Andijan within 15 days, threatened with consequences if he refuses. Continue reading »

Jul 242009

poetandhrdyusufjumaUzbekistan: Political Prisoner Abused in Detention

Authorities Should Free Yusuf Jumaev Without Delaygeneva.15.12.2008.

(New York, July 24, 2009) – Uzbek authorities should promptly investigate allegations of ill-treatment against the jailed dissident Yusuf Jumaev and ensure his prompt release from prison, Human Rights Watch said today.

In mid-June 2009, officials at Jaslyk Prison put Jumaev in an isolation cell for eight days without giving him any reason, family members said. He was transferred back to his regular cell only after his health deteriorated severely, said his daughter, who met with him earlier this month. Because the isolation cell is right above the prison kitchen, it is very hot.

Jumaev’s family said that prison guards had burned him several times during his detention by placing a hot electric teapot on his shoulders. He was reportedly denied use of a toilet and was not allowed out of the cell at all during the eight days. He was also denied food and water for at least two of the days. Continue reading »

Apr 212009
Lola Karimova-Tillayeva
21.04.09 16:05
Uzbek president’s second daughter enters Paris’s beau monde – Uzbek President Islam Karimov must be proud of his daughters who are Uzbekistan’s ambassadors to UN agencies in Europe where they have become friends of A-list cinema and show business stars.

The president’s youngest daughter, Lola Karimova-Tillayeva, Uzbekistan’s ambassador to UNESCO, has hosted a reception in Paris on 8 April to present her new Uzbekistan 2020 charity fund.

Her website reported that the former First Lady of France Bernadette Chirac and the incumbent French president’s elder brother, Guillaume Sarkozy, a textile producer, had attended the reception.

French actor Alain Delon even kissed her hand, flattering her self-esteem.

The Uzbek president’s daughter was all glamorous, wearing diamonds and carrying a little silver bag.

What is it about the Uzbekistan 2020 fund that makes it possible for it to gather France’s beau monde around the daughter of one of the world’s most brutal dictators?

Karimova-Tillayeva’s website says that the fund aims to hold cultural and intellectual exchange between Uzbekistan and Europe and support children’s education and development in Uzbekistan. These aims should be achieved by 2020, which is why the fund is called Uzbekistan 2020.

The successful advancement of Lola Karimova and her sister Gulnara Karimova, who is Uzbekistan’s ambassador to the UN Office at Geneva, in the European high society is thanks to Europeans’ unawareness about the situation in Uzbekistan, believes Uzbek human rights activist Mutabar Tajibayeva, who is now in Paris.

“The French people know almost nothing about our country and that Gulnara and Lola are the daughters of the dictator who is responsible for the massacre of people in Andijan in 2005 and for the terrible human rights and economic situation in the country,” Tajibayeva said. Continue reading »

Apr 032009
Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele and Gulnara Karimova
03.04.09 23:38                 gulnora-karimova
Chopard postpones cooperation with Uzbek presidential daughter – The Swiss jewellery company Chopard has declined to hold the joint presentation of the new Guli brand, created by the Uzbek president’s daughter Gulnara Karimova, at a watch and jewellery tradeshow in Basel.

Despite the long-planned joint presentation of Gulnara’s jewellery collection at the Basel fair between 26 March and 2 April, Chopard suddenly backed away from its commitment, postponing the event indefinitely.

There was no joint presentation of the collection by Guli and Chopard in Basel, Annette Heuer, Chopard’s public relations officer, said.

She said that Chopard had not stopped cooperation with Karimova, who is Uzbekistan’s envoy to the UN Office at Geneva, but had suspended it until it found out what the money raised from the sales of the collection would be spent on. Karimova’s website claims that it will be spent on children’s projects in Uzbekistan.

Realising that cooperation with Karimova, a daughter of one of the world’s most brutal dictators, will give rise to questions about Chopard’s policy and ethical standards, Heuer tried to reassure the press that this cooperation had nothing to do with politics. Continue reading »

Mar 272009
Chopard’s Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele with Karimova.
27.03.09 17:27
Chopard’s controversy over Guli blood diamonds – Chopard representatives have denied their involvement in promoting the Uzbek president’s daughter Gulnara Karimova’s Guli jewellery collection at an international watch and jewellery tradeshow in Basel, while Guli representatives claim the opposite.

A German journalist who is covering the tradeshow from Basel said that Chopard representatives had claimed that the presentation of Guli was being held with Chopard’s involvement.

A Chopard representative told the journalist that certain issues should be solved in relations between her company and Guli.

In particular, Chopard wants to clarify the website’s claim that money raised from selling Guli jewellery will be spent on children’s projects in Uzbekistan.

There will be no joint presentation of the collection until this issue is clarified, she said, adding that even then it would be done no earlier than April or May.

However, those manning the Guli stand in Basel told the journalist that the presentation of their collection was being held jointly with Chopard and that the entire collection had been designed for this company. Continue reading »

Mar 252009
Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele and Gulnara Karimova
25.03.09 10:54
Chopard and Guli blood diamonds – Uzbek human rights activist Abdujalil Boymatov has urged Chopard jewellery and watch company to reconsider its relations with Gulnara Karimova and plans to promote the Guli brand in order to avoid association with blood diamonds.

Boimatov said he sent a letter to the company in which he expressed his bewilderment about its cooperation with the Uzbek president’s daughter Gulnara Karimova. Continue reading »

Mar 192009
Chopard’s Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele
19.03.09 20:02
Chopard refuses to comment on links with Uzbek presidential daughter – Chopard, a Swiss jewellery and watch company that is promoting the Uzbek president’s eldest daughter Gulnara Karimova’s Guli goldsmith collection, has refused to comment on its controversial cooperation with the Uzbek dictator’s daughter.

The company’s spokeswoman, Daphne Secretan, has confirmed that she has received’s questions and has promised to answer them within the next few days. Meanwhile, she said she had nothing to say about new cooperation and the company’s new partner.

Chopard will exhibit Karimova’s Guli jewelleries as part of its collection in Basel between 26 March and 2 April, and will afterwards sell them in its 150 boutiques worldwide.

Chopard’s cooperation with the daughter of President Islam Karimov who has claimed notoriety in the world after massacring a rally in Andijan on 13 May 2005 and imprisoning thousands of dissidents has caused negative reaction from people who observe the situation in Uzbekistan. Continue reading »

Oct 312008

Uzbekistan – Alleged torture and ill-treatment of imprisoned human rights defender

Posted on 2008/10/31

Front Line is deeply concerned by the health conditions of the imprisoned human rights defender Abdurasul Khudoynazarov who tried to commit suicide on 1 September 2008, reportedly as a result of the harsh conditions of detention he endures in the N64/1 Prison in Bekabat, Tashkent region. Abdurasul Khudoynazarov, a member of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan (HRSU) “Ezgulik”, was arrested on 26 June 2005, and condemned to nine years imprisonment. Continue reading »