Feb 112011

We are refugees and asylum seekers are currently in the Arab Republic of Egypt. We are refugees from Uzbekistan. We are facing a great danger for our lives. We ask You to help us convey our cry to those responsible for the refugees and to draw public attention to the problem of refugees in Egypt.
January 25 in Egypt began demonstrations and chaos in the streets of cities across the country. Now on the streets of Cairo, there is no police. After that people started to protect their houses themselves with sticks and knives. From that day the government announced a curfew in Cairo. People do not sleep and they guard their homes until morning. During the disorders over a thousand people have escaped from prison, and they have stolen military uniforms and a large quantity of weapons.
Some protesters stormed the hotel where foreigners live, and they beat foreigners and accused them guilty in a mess in the country. Many foreigners have been beaten and stabbed them with knives. Now in Cairo, there is a greater danger to foreigners. There is great fear among foreigners, who are still here.
One of our fellow citizens coming from Alexandria, when unknown Egyptians with guns and knives, arrested him and put him into a minibus full of foreigners. They beat them and interrogated under threat. These events are continuing in various regions of the Republic.
Governments of many countries have sent airplanes to its citizens to return home. We could not connect with the UNHCR here in Cairo. UN officials were evacuated to Cyprus. How they evacuate their family and forgot that the refugees also have a family? Refugees also need to evacuate. Why the UN can not fulfill its mission properly?
Obtaining the status of refugee in Cairo lasts for years. UNHCR staff constantly postpones the meetings with the asylum seekers for indefinite periods without serious reasons. Here, two of us, also waits for several months meeting with the UNHCR. One of us has been waiting one and a half year. These are gross violations of the UNHCR in Cairo in peacetime. Now what the refugees should do. Every man for himself, refugees from Sudan, Eritrea, Iraq and Palestine are many and they have a great community, they can protect themselves. We are refugees from Uzbekistan here a few and we are only 3, with our families. We, the refugees from Uzbekistan can not protect ourselves and there is no guarantee that the situation will be under control tomorrow.
It is reported that a Russian woman stole her daughter in those days. Previously, she was denied maternity by Egyptian authorities. Girl’s father is Egyptian. How did she manage to leave the country with a girl? The reason is that there is big disorder in the airport. Why I mentioned it? The Government of Uzbekistan will take advantage of this opportunity to negotiate with Egyptian Special Forces and kidnap refugees. Uzbekistan can do so, you can expect from them.
We, refugees ask the emergency evacuation from Egypt to another country as soon as possible. We are afraid for the safety of our children and wives. We are afraid to be killed or kidnapped here in Egypt.
We urge the world community to pay attention to refugees in Egypt in such turbulent days. We ask for assistance in the relocation of us, the refugees of Uzbekistan, as soon as possible, to a third country where there is no danger to our lives.
Please contact us,
Tel: +33643236385; +20118949496
E-mail: uzbekref@gmail.com


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