Dec 142010

Again about opposition leader and the funds of opposition

Uzbek opposition was founded in May 28, 1989, in the meeting of the people’s movement “Birlik” (Unity). About 21 years and 6 months have passed since then, but the Uzbek opposition is still uncoordinated and financially weak. I think, the situation can be improved. Following facts prove this:

    1. Opposition parties, human rights organizations, and people’s movement “Birdamlik” have legal status in western countries, in other words, they are registered;

  1. Uzbek opposition has at least about 20 internet sites in European countries. In other words, it could create internet sites free of censorship;

    3. Uzbek opposition held many protest actions in about 10 countries of the world in defense of victims of Osh and Jalolobod massacre. At least 1000 people participated in those actions;

    4.Uzbek opposition could draw the attention of the world community to following six issues:

    1.child labor and forced labor;

    2.release of Yusuf Juma;

    3.Andijan massacre;

    4.Osh and Jalolobod massacre;

  2. Stopping the extradition of 29 Uzbek refugees from Almaty to Uzbekistan;

  3. Acceptance of Uzbekistan to Turkic Council.

Though the last area is considered very essential for the future of Uzbek nation, Uzbek opposition has done nothing considerable in this direction. If the opposition succeeds in elimination of separateness within itself and become financially strong, the chances to achieve good results on these 6 issues will sharply increase. Achieving good results in 2,3 directions from these 6 issues will increase the reputation of the Uzbek opposition in Uzbekistan and in the world community. The opposition that will have good reputation will be able to claim its rights in governing Uzbekistan.

To achieve good results the opposition must first of all accomplish following two things:

    1.Elect the leader of opposition.

    2.Raise the funds of opposition

To elect the opposition leader, first of all, opposition Council must be formed. This council will include: leaders of opposition parties, leaders of human rights organizations, editors of leading internet sites, and the leader of people’s movement “Birdamlik”. The opposition council will elect the leader of opposition, but only for one year.

Following obstacles must be tackled before the election of opposition leader and raising the funds of opposition:

    1.Claims of the leader of “Birlik halq harakati” party Abdurahim Po’lat that his party is the only opposition party in Uzbekistan must be admitted as untrue. He has been leading the party since May 28, 1989. However, Abdurahim Po’lat is a democrat only in words, but in fact, his party could not become a democratic one. Unfortunately, other members of the party are also ignoring the principles of democracy.

    2.The leader of the “Erk” party Muhammad Solih is the head of his party since April 30, 1990. Some journalists of “Ozodlik Radio” (Radio Liberty) are boosting him as a true democratic leader. Unfortunately, it is a great lie.

The fact that A. Po’lat and M. Solih have not prepared their successors within their parties can prove my words. It is the same situation with Islam Karimov. He also did his best to prevent the emergence of another political leader that could succeed him in the presidential post. Despite the above mentioned accusations I recommend A. Po’lat, M. Solih, and Bahodir Choriev to the leadership of opposition, but only for one year. Probably, the opposition council will choose another person, this will be known in the near future.

Funds of the opposition can be raised from citizens of Uzbekistan who wish good results to be achieved in the above mentioned 6 issues by donating 100 USD or 100 Euro once in a year. Those who wish can pay more. To control all expenses an inspection group will be formed. The group will consist of six people: two representatives of opposition parties, two human rights defenders, and two journalists. The inspection group will report to citizens of Uzbekistan every six months about the expenses by publishing it in internet sites of opposition.

December 14, 2010

Abdujalil Boymatov, President of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan.

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