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Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan (HRSU) from the date of its basis (on February, 2nd, 1992) regularly is exposed to prosecutions from outside the authorities of Uzbekistan. HRSU  six times put in statements to  registration to  Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan, but  the  Ministry  has not received it. Within 17 years 28 members of HRSU are condemned on forged accusations, 18 – have left the country. At present time  9 members of HRSU are in jails. Members of  HRSU Norboy Holjigitov, Alisher Karamatov, Azam Farmonov who are unfairly condemned for  long imprisonment terms, are exposed to severe tortures, brutal, awful  treatments . Those members of HRSU who are not behind a lattice or have not left the country, constantly are exposed to such prosecutions as shadowing from outside employees  of Service of National Security  and police (Bahodir Namozov – the head of Initiative Group on branch HRSU  registration in Uzbekistan, Gulshan Karaeva – chairman  of HRSU on the Kashkadarya  region, Mamir Azimov – co-coordinator of  HRSU in the Dzhizak region, Saida Kurbanova, the chairman of Pahtakor regional branch HRSU in the Dzhizak region, Nodir Ahatov – chairman of  HRSU on a city of Karshi, Nurali Kulobov – member HRSU in the Kashkadarya  region). Them cause for interrogation to police offices, Office of Public Prosecutor, hold under house arrest, do not allow them to meet foreign delegations, diplomats of foreign embassies in Uzbekistan or to participate in peace pickets.

The primary objectives and goals of HRSU accoding its Stature are:

5.1. The Society has the primary goal to contribute to democracy, to the defense and promotion of human rights and to the construction of a civil society in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

5.2. Its primary objective is to strive for the application of conventions as well as international and regional pacts concerning the right of asylum, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, to bring forward the evolution and defense of human rights and liberties, to fight injustice, arbitrariness and any violation of human dignity.

5.3. The Society of human rights of Uzbekistan will intervene whenever violations of the above stated principles to the detriment of individuals or collectives are signalized.

5.4. In order to realize this objective, the Society will use the following measures of action: fundraising campaigns, analyses, distribution of information on the human rights situation in Uzbekistan.

Priority directions of the activity of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan (HRSU) in 2009-2010:

1. To take active part in the campaign of discharging the members of the HRSU and other human rights advocates and activists, journalists and active workers of the opposition parties who are jailed on forged charges by unfair courts of Uzbekistan;

2. To take active part in the campaign of the eradication of compulsory child labour in Uzbekistan;

3. To take active part in the campaign against torture in Uzbekistan;

4. Whenever possible to involve more citizens of Uzbekistan in the struggle for the civic rights;

5. To take active part in the struggle against poverty and corruption;

6. To carry on agitation and propaganda activities for the democratisation of opposition parties, movements and Uzbek society.

You can actively participate in the activity of the HRSU in realisation of the problems set forth above:

1. Becoming a member of the HRSU;

2. Sending donations.

?) The citizens living in the countries of Europe, the USA, Canada and other parts of the world can send remittances by cheque or on Money order addressed to: Association des droits de l’homme de l’Ouzbekiston, 22, rue du Maine, 49000, Angers, Maine et Loire, France

b) Can transfer money into the bank account of the HRSU in France;

Association des droits de l’homme de l’Ouzbekiston

LDH 49, 22 rue du Maine 49100 Angers. Banque: Credit Mutuel. CM Anjou

Saint Serge-Angers. Compte: ? 00021451601

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