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Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan is under persecution by Uzbek authorities since its inception on the 2nd of February of 1992. HRSU applied six times to Ministry of Justice for registration but hasn’t got it yet. During 23 years, 2 members of HRSU were murdered:

1. Shovrik Ruzumuradov;

2. Saidmurad Kuchkarov.


31 members have been and are imprisoned:

1. Azam Farmonov;

2. Gaybulla Jalilov;

3. Mehriniso Hamdamova;

4. Zulhumor Hamdamova;

5. Chuyan Mamatkulov;

6. Zafarjon Rahimov;

7. Yuldash Rasulov;

8. Alisher Karamatov;

9. Abdumannob Pulatov;

10. Tolib Yakubov;

11. Jadigar Turlibekov;

12. Nasim Isakov;

13. Norboy Kholzhigitov;

14. Khayatulla Kholzhigitov

15. Sattor Izraev

16. Habibulla Akpulatov;

17.Tulkin Karaev;

18. Nosir Zokir;

19. Khasanbai Madraximov;

20. Ihtiyor Hamroev;

21. Saida Kurbanova;

22. Nurmukhammad Azizov;

23.Tursinbai Utamuratov;

24.Shahlo Rahmonova;

25.Shovrik Ruzumurodov;

26. Meli Kabulov;

27. Muhiddin Kurbanov;

28.Musulmonkul Khamraev;

29. Norpulat Radzhapov;

30. Dzhura Muradov;

31.Nurali Kulobov;


7 members of HRSU are still in prison:

1. Azam Farmonov;

2. Gaybulla Jalilov;

3. Mehriniso Hamdamova;

4. Zulhumor Hamdamova;

5. Chuyan Mamatkulov;

6. Zafarjon Rahimov;

7. Yuldash Rasulov.


3 members of HRSU who were placed in psychiatric hospital.


1. Elena Urlaeva;

2. Larisa Vdovina;

3. Jamshid Karimov.


19 members of HRSU have been compelled to leave the country because of prosecution of the authorities of Uzbekistan:


1. Abdumannob Pulatov, chairman of HRSU 1992-2001, (2001-2010 was the citizen of the USA, passed away in USA on November 21, 2010 after serious disease);

2. Talib Yakubov, chairman of HRSU in 2001-2009, the resident of France;

3. Abdujalil Boymatov, president  of HRSU since May, 6th, 2009, the resident of  Ireland;

4. Tursinboy Utamuratov, chairman of HRSU on Republic Karakalpakstan, was the resident of the USA, passed away on September 30, 2012 in USA;

5. Jadigar Turlibekov, the former chairman HRSU on Kashkardarya  region, the resident of the USA;

6. Sobir Tulaganov, chairman of HRSU on the city of Tashkent, the resident of the USA;

7. Muhiddin Kurbanov, the former chairman of HRSU on Zarbdorsk district( Djizak region) resident of Sweden)

8. Hayitboy Kuziev, chairman of HRSU on Papskiy district(the Namangan   region), the resident of Sweden;

9. Jusuf Rasulov, the journalist (Tashkent), the resident of Sweden;

10. Tulkin Karaev, the journalist (Karshi), the resident of Sweden;

11. Sobithon Ustabaev, (the Namangan region), the resident of Holland;

12. Isakzhon Zokirov, (the Andijan region), the resident of the USA;

13. Olim Yakubov, (the Djizak region), the resident of France, the son of Tolib Yakubov;

14. Egamnazar Shaymonov, the former chairman of  HRSU on Dustlik district (the Djizak region), the resident of  Canada;

15. Larisa Vdovina, (Tashkent), the resident of  Switzerland;

16. Umarhon Ustabaev, (Tashkent), the resident of Canada;

17. Yuldash Nosirov, (Tashkent), the resident of  Sweden for 2 years, now lives in Uzbekistan;

18. Ruslan Sharipov, (Tashkent), the journalist, the resident of  the USA;

19. Gulbahor Turaeva, chairwoman of Andijan branch of HRSU.


Look here to see what is happening in dictatorship country. The fourth biggest lake in the world the Aral sea dried up 90 percentage because of cotton monopoly, forced labor and child labor. Due to boycott of Uzbek cotton by more than 150 retail textile companies from USA, EU and other western countries child labor diminished sharply this and last year. Torture and ill treatment in before pretrial investigation and post trial imprisonment is very widespread. At Andijan massacre which happened on 13th May of 2005 at least 700 peaceful protesters were shooted at.

Uzbekistan has been ruled by dictator Islam Karimov since 1989. Corruption and bribery has  flourished very much under his rule. His daughters Gulnara Karimova and Lola Karimova- Tillaeva became billionaires. Gulnara Karimova is under investigation at 10 European countries and in USA. Lola Karimova-Tillaeva is ambassador of Uzbekistan in UNESCO.


Before Andijan massacre HRSU had 11 regional branches except Navoiy region.

After Andijan massacre due to persecution Uzbekistan authorities members of HRSU some  were imprisoned, those who weren’t imprisoned left Uzbekistan and the ones that didn’t leave stopped their activity.

Only few brave human rights defenders are still fighting to improve human rights situation in Uzbekistan. They are under all spectre of persecution by uzbek authorities: beating, insulting, house arrest, sacking from job, trial persecution, torture and ill treatment, political, economical, social marginalization and so on.

They need support from civil society of free, democratic countries.

What to do?

Thank you for your attention!


Abdujalil Boymatov

The president of Human Rights Society Of Uzbekistan

25th November of 2015

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