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A young woman with a baby in a kishlak (an Uzbek village) (с)

12.03.14 03:20

Rape victim in Jizzakh province: no right to protection by the state


Zilola Abduraimova from the district of Farishsky is expecting a baby in April. The father is a neighbor who raped her. The police refuse to accept her report about the rape.

Jizzakh’s Farishsky district police have refused to accept the police report from 22-year old Abduraimova and her relatives. Her neighbor, 28-year old Azamat Narmukhamedov, has raped the young woman repeatedly since June 2013.

According to the victim, Narmukhamedov raped her for the first time when she was home alone, doing housework. He sneaked in behind her, forced her to the floor, and raped her.

After that the violence continued. He would wait for the woman to


There are many examples of this in Jizzakh province. Impoverishment and lawlessness make young women and women in general vulnerable to sexual violence and other humiliations.”

Human rights activist in Jizzakh


be alone and rape her with a knife at her throat. He threatened to kill her should she tell anyone.

Abduraimova’s family only found out about what was happening on February 9, 2014, when during the eighth month of her pregnancy she could no longer conceal her condition.

When the family found out, the young woman’s parents consulted Safar Balkhiev, chair of the makhallya, and Maksuda Yusupova, chair of the women’s committee. These two suggested speaking to the local police officer, Kamariddin Abdurakhmanov. He wrote down Abduraimova’s report but then gave it back to her stating that it was “against the law”.

Not wanting to give up, the family then went to the Farishsky district police where Eler Lachinov, an investigator, also refused to accept the police report.

The woman’s family hired a lawyer, S. Serikbaev, and paid him 300,000 soms (about 100 USD) to represent the victim, only for him to suddenly drop the case.

A human rights activist in Jizzakh told that the young woman comes from a very poor family.

“Zilola’s father is a shepherd and they are very poor and helpless,” he says.

He believes that the young woman’s poverty, low social status, and lack of influential friends made an easy target out of Zilola.

“There are many examples of this in Jizzakh province,” he says bitterly, “Impoverishment and lawlessness make young women and women in general vulnerable to sexual violence and other humiliations.”

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