Apr 272013

Front Line Defenders has launched a new advertising campaign to highlight “Stories of Courage” a series of 6 short films on the life and  work of the 6 finalists for the Front Line Defenders Award 2013. Each of  these 6 finalists from Iran, Cambodia, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Colombia and Mauritania has dedicated their lives to defending the rights of others

without thinking of the risks they themselves might face.

Bahtiyor Hamraev has been a dedicated campaigner for human rights in Uzbekistan for the last 15 years. He has been head of the Djizak regional branch of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan (HRSU) and has documented human rights violations in this region. Bahtiyor is one of the few remaining active human rights defenders in Uzbekistan. Most
others are either in jail or in exile. In recent years he has become the main contact with families of imprisoned human rights defenders, helping to spread the information about their conditions in detention, the torture and ill-treatment to which they are subjected and helping to provide the families with legal aid and financial assistance.

To be a human rights defender in Uzbekistan is like being a prisoner. You may lose your job, your family will be harassed and intimidated and you face the constant threat of attack

Bahtiyor has endured all this yet refuses to give up.

We need your help to spread the story of Bahtiyor Hamraev as widely as possible. Watch this story of his life and work and share with your friends and colleagues via email and on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag FLDaward http://youtu.be/UEhkq6Kem-I

Thanks for your help

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