Nov 042012

To the Uzbek Opposition’s Leaders:

“Birlik” party’s leader Abdurahim Pulatov

Leader of the “UHH” Muhammad Solih

“Birdamlik” National Democratic Movement’s leader Bahodir Choriev. 

From  Human Right’s Defender Abdujalil Boymatov. 


Third Open Letter


Dear Leaders


I requested you with 2 open letters. You must be saying “why the third one, we have had enough of this”. But I decided to write the third open letter. I’ll argue this with my following thoughts. My first and second open letters were published in “Birdamlik”‘s website. But not in “Birlik” and “UHH”.  It’s still unknown to me why the 2 websites rejected my content. The second open letter was published in the following websites:

1. “OIHJ”            29.10.12

2. “Birdamlik”     30.10.12

3. Internet portal “Zamondosh” 29.10.12

4. “Yangidunyo”  29.10.12ўзбек-мухолифати-етакчиларига-2-очиқ-х


I appreciate the work of editors of the websites who published my letter. 


I’m telling you, Uzbek opposition should become political power. It needs money and the discussion club. It also has to complete the following tasks:


1. Freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of gathering on site

2. freedom for mass media, freedom for an expression of speech, freedom for internet.

3. to create an independent and just court system

4. innovate on democratic election system


An opposition who is weak, scattered and has internal division can’t complete those tasks. Only an opposition which has some serious political power, has enough money and support, unified can do this. This can be shown in the examples of national fronts in Baltic countries, Czechoslovakia, Poland, German democratic republic. I bring up the problems, mistakes and flaws of Uzbek opposition. 


1. Abdurahim Pulatov has been ruling the “Birlik” party since 28th May of 1989. This party hadn’t seen change in leader for 5, 10, 15 years.  When will the leader get replaced?


2.On the other hand Muhammad Solih has been governing the “Erk” party since the April of 1990.  This party too hasn’t seen change in leader for 10-20 years.  What about this party?


3. Uzbekistan has been governed by Islom Karimov since the June of 1989. He was elected as a president of the Republic of Uzbekstan in election of 1991 which was undemocratic. President of the Uzbekistan has been renewing himself every 5, 10, 15, 20 years.  He’s expected to be replaced in 2015. By then it will be 26 years for him ruling the land. He’ll be 77 at that time frame. 


4. Bahodir Choriev is ruling the “Birdamlik” democratic movement since 2004. The leader didn’t change in 5 years.  Will it change after 10 years in 2014 or even in 15 years. 


5. In 28th of May of the 1989 Abdurahim Pulatov was elected as a chairman of the “Birlik” party. After 3 months Muhammad Solih and 14 people started a campaign to attempt to remove Abdurahim Pulatov. The leader should be given a chance for at lest a year or two. Little mistakes, if there are any should be forgiven. 


6. As Abdurahim Polatov have repeated many times Muhammad Solih saw the public meeting as a kicking up a dust and chose the way of democratic parliament. For that reason he set up the “Erk” and divided the opposition into 2 pieces.  In fact meeting are part of the main freedoms. It has nothing to do  with the democracy and governance.   Therefore Democratic Parliament is not a freedom but a way of ruling. 


7. There was no just court system, no guarantee of main freedoms, “Erk” was not registered yet Muhammad Solih put up his candidate for the presidency alongside Islom Karimov in 1991. 


8.”UHH” was created in the May of the 2011. “Birdamlik” was doing its job inside the Uzbekistan at the time. What was the reason for setting up the “UHH”? Muhammad Solih was elected for a year.  In 2012 he was re-elected for 3 more years. In other words he did the usurpation of the “UHH”.


9. In Uzbekistan religion is separated from the state. It is forbidden to use religion for the purpose of political reasons. I’m positive about Bahodir Choriev and Abduraim Pulatov but I’m not sure about the position of Muhammad Solih. 


Constitution of Uzbekistan:

Article 41. Everyone shall have the right to education. The state shall guarantee free secondary education. Schooling shall be under state supervision.


Article 61. Religious organizations and associations shall be separated from the state and equal before law. The state shall not interfere with the activity of religious associations. 

I’m telling the followings about the leader of opposition: about the retreat from democratic principles, not following the rules of their party, their mistakes. But I have no intention of dishonouring them.  In fact I’d be glad if they recognise their mistakes, teach the youths to not repeat the same mistakes. This way opposition can have some success . The success will achieve great future for the Uzbeks. 

I’m asking for reactions and feedbacks on “Ozodlik” on line. 

I hope the anchormen of “Ozodlik” radio Alisher Siddiq, Zamira Shukur will interview the leaders of the Uzbek opposition Muhammad Solih, Bahodir Choriev, Abdurahim Pulatov. 

4th of November. 2012.


Abdujalil Boymatov

president  of the Human Right’s Society of Uzbekistan(HRSU). “O’IHJ” 

Dublin, Ireland.



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