May 212012



To the NATO organization membership countries leaders

To Barack Obama  The President of the USA


   Dear Mr.President!

   Dear Gentlemen!


We are glad for the taking place annual Summit of the NATO in Chicago city Of the USA and yours hosting in this Summit!


Dear Mr. Barack Obama!

Dear participants of the Summit!


You all know,our country Uzbekistan is famous over of the world with its long History,rich culture,high morality,fine literature,unique traditions and customs with good human manners,hospitability,honest and fair,kindhearted and industrious people.

The talented people of beautiful Uzbekistan are suffering under the former communist,Islam Karimov’s unjust policy and inhuman system of rule.

Karimov  joining the members of democratic party with urgent roll doesn’t prove  that there has been any democratic changes  in  Uzbekistan president’s soul,consciousness and  world views ,but in opposite only his clothes has been changed and he  has become a gentleman with an authority face who wears costume with a tie  instead of  chapon ( oriental robe). Actually,I.  Karimov’s body and essence are the dark shadow of the communist ideas.

In the results of Karimov’s authorial and selfish rule we can’t count on the troubles which are falling on the head of Uzbek people,and we can’t avoid these problems.

In the results of president Karimov’s unjust rule today more than six million young men of Uzbekistan have been made to emigrate to Russia,Korea,and Kazakhstan to find a job as a black worker,to survive and support their family from the hunger and death. And even schoolchildren,are made to join into agricultural harvest picking cotton and silk. The people of this country are suffering from the differences of salary and high prices which are growing every day. In the result,60% of the people in the country live in poverty not having any nutrient food. These living conditions seriously influence the health of youth,women and even though the whole local population. Regretfully,it’s deeply growing (digging) the roots of illnesses as bribery and greediness in the system continue. It’s not an idiom but because of the wrong ruling policy of I. Karimav in the country,bribery as a profession has taken its place in order of the other professions. It becomes a usual thing to bribe for serving in the Army,entering the high educational establishments,or having any job in Uzbekistan. Falling into decay of all the plants and factories,which were the big heritage of the former USSR,has been caused to raise the unemployment in the country. Smothering of word freedom,insulting of human rights,keeping in Jaslik prison some prisoners accused by the government without any fault in dissimilar suffer torment……all are the arguments. I. Karimov’s not deniable unjust policy and inhuman ruling. In one word,president I. Karimov during 23 years of Uzbekistan’s rich economy with natural resources put into crisis. Regretfully,due on the president’s,“an economist’s” ruling  during the less quarterly century,today our country with the planned economy,which was owned from the regressive communists’,as an obstinate and earless,child have been lying on one place. Uzbekistan is not moving onward with progressive,but it is going two steps back every day and not only the industry but the whole country is falling into crumble.

I hope,all the unpalatable truth which I showed on the top;sorrow views and some news,articles which are issued in internet sites with the true descriptions of Uzbekistan’s today,hard life of local population,and speechless  description of the population hard life fate are recognizable to you.



   Dear Mr. President!

   Dear Gentlemen!

Participants of the Summit!


We are the members of  “Birdamlik Movement”,call you  to be sorrowful to   Uzbek people’s hurt who have been suffering  under the cruel and violent presser of blood thirsty I. Karimov,and whose human rights have been offending for more than 23 years. Please,don’t forget that I. Karimov has been abolishing Uzbek people without any nuclear or other weapons for about a quarter of the century. Like this,the actives of “Birdamlik People’s Democratic Movement” ask you and Mr. Obama,the President of the USA not to be merciful to I. Karimov!

Who is strengthening authoritarianism system and abolishing his own people for keeping this power,two faced president I. Karimov has lost any trust even on himself.

Regretfully,more than 23 years I. Karimov  has been offending Uzbek people,he also has been persuading to telling lies and being sly  to  NATO,EU,OUN,and other ten respectful organizations,all over the world of public union and  society.



Don’t believe the slyness of the president I. Karimov,who in order to satisfy his greediness and to keep his position has been bringing all the troubles and suffers to the head of Uzbek people!  We ask you for it.


Dear Mr. Barack Obama!

Dear Gentlemen,participants of the Summit!


You,as long as,are faithful to your humanitarian ideas and view points,besides of nation,race,religion;  are in worry for every people,every nation and all the countries citizens’ fate;are not indifferent for human life,have to be sorrowful to Uzbek people’s sadness and not to be merciful  to the tyrant president Karimov who has been keeping in suffer all noble Uzbek people!

We ask you not to make any practical work to decree the truth and set up the just with the president I. Karimov. If you consider that you are sorrowful and responsible to look at the sadness fate of Uzbek people,we ask you immediately to stop all kind of meetings and relationships with tyrant president of Uzbekistan!

How long will violent Sultan oppress Uzbek people? How long Uzbek people will be in suffer? How long will you continue to help him in this way? How long will you be in a good relationship with Karimov for the political profit?


Dear Gentlemen!


You always believe in fairy tales about the setting of human rights in Uzbekistan for not believing but you want to believe in it! You dream of it being true!

But,if you like to be informed about the real life of Uzbek people,come into the crowd of people and listen to their complain! Before making any conclusions,listen to the people’s world wail and learn their real conditions!

While you don’t give your helpful hand to Uzbek people for setting up their human rights in Uzbekistan,then don’t listen to our declarations and calls,don’t ask for people’s lives who are suffering from Karimov’s violence,don’t be active in amnesty of the prisoners who are keeping in suffer torment in prisons,all your democratic positions and your promises in humanitarian ideas are false and empty words.

It’s time to prove in practice yours faithfulness in the example of Uzbekistan!


Thank you for your attention!


Yours sincerely!

Bokhodir  Choriyev,


Leader of the “Birdamlik People’s Democratic Movement”

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