May 202012


Uzbekistan’s ( last times it’s called as  the country of Slavery)    citizens (slaves)


Sultan (ruler) of slavery) IAK:   I’m a ruler of the Sultanate. The country is me! I’m a ruler of this slaver! I’m the God’s shadow on the earth. I’m an owner of all the slaves! Scare of me,shake of frightened,slave me,obey me,bow and respect me! All nights and all days think only about me and dream only me.   In opposite,I’ll make you devil life. Your only duty is to work,to work and again to work,to support yours sultan! Don’t turn on your road,and never try to change your fate! Obey only me,only me and again only me! This is your fate not to be full,but not die! You’ll be surviving!


 Prime Minister(Head vizier hazratlari):  My demands:all the slaves of Slavery on the age from 7 till70 must be sent to cotton picking! But we must keep in secret from all the world society about children’s hard work exploitation in our Sultanate. Though we mustn’t loose cotton trade contracts in the world market.


The members of parliament:Senators:Our only duty is to make laws by the desires of our sultan. He is our ruler and the ruler’s orders are not discussed.

Every my action by the making law by  the ruler’s order  costs  about  $250  But for month  my  needs of living standard are  about   $2500. If we compare my salary and my needs for month difference innovation is about $2250. It is my “Extra profit”. Greedy opponents call it as “bribe”. As we work hard to gain this bribe,and make some slaves life easier. Please,understand us,no one can live in our slavery for $250. God bless our Sultan for his kindness and give us opportunities to earn “Extra profit”.


Hakims regions and districts (heads). Hakims:We  are hakims in place sand our main duty is to help our Sultan to keep slaves in places calm and to execute all the laws of “ Oliy majlis” which were made ,y the desires of our Sultan. My simple job costs about $200,but my month needs are about $2000 and differences are $1800.It’s my “Extra profit”. And talkative opponents call it as “bribe”. But you must know we work hard to own this Bribe. And,you should realize that no one as hakim can’t live for $200 for month in our slavery. God bless our sultan for her big facilities for us to gain the “Extra profit” with big endeavors!



Vizier of home affairs and workers:we are duty of our Sultan’s defense and his protection. In this way we do our best and catch,put into the prison and beat everyone who is danger of the security of our sultan. And we have opportunities to earn some money catching the people who hasn’t passport in streets and on metro. We have own scenes to “organize” false crimes and steal who is accused.

This our heroism costs about $180 by government. But our needs cost about $1500.The difference between my salary and my needs are $1320. This innovation is my “extra profit”. But gossip tellers call all my» extra profit”,which I earn with my hard work as “bribe”. You should know that the scaring the slaves is not easy way of earning. It’s the way of living or surviving. Do you think that  the workers of Home (Internal) Affairs  can survive  for $180 in a month in our Slavery? God bless our sultan and let send him Allah 100 years alive for permission not defense or protect of the slavery slaves’ life but for keeping them in scare.


Safety security ,SS official: Our officials main duty is to discord among the opponent groups,and make them in the condition of war and laugh at them watching how foolish opponents  bite each-others body. Also to spy inside of opponents is in our shoulders. To check opposite mind slaves ‘emails,to install voice hearing equipments into their home and mobile telephones are our main task too. And also for surviving we scare and spread the net among the procurator,hakims and other authorities for only plundering not save the slavery slaves and country.

For that bravery I’m paid by government about  $450 but my month needs are about  $1500 and you see between difference is felt. This is my extra profit. But talkative opponent call my “extra profit” as “bribe”. Is it easy job to spread the net among the procurator,hakims and other intelligence society of the slavery? Do you see for every extra profit I have a real risk? It’s my way of surviving. God bless our sultan for opportunities and facilities for being able to spread the net among slaves.


Court: I’m a crime court of slavery. This position is admitted for five years by our Sultan. My duty is to accuse false blame some people in ‘terror’ or as a ‘’member of vahob’’ groups and send them for long years to the special colonies. Sometimes we see the tiny crimes as stealing. It’s easy to accuse thrives than real criminal which actually danger for our country. My salary is about $120 in a month,but my needs for month are about $3000 USA. But I can full the shortage only due to accuse tiny criminals. But opponent calls it as bribe. In spite of their opinion this is my extra profit which I earned with my forehead sweat. Its bad conditions in our special colonies. I’m in way of avoiding to crowd this S C. from the wasting extra budget running for more 5-6 years. Criminals come to agreement and I cut their 10years to 3-5 years bringing the laws into. All benefit from this clear court policy of mine:thief is enough of short sitting,I’m enough of “hitting” and government budget isn’t suffering. Our Sultan is well informed my doing best in serving him. And more of all he supports me with his silence. He has personal interests only to punish his opponents but not tiny criminals. That’s why I’m in good luck. Let live our sultan who gives me much opportunities to become rich own to criminals!


Procurator,public prosecutor; I’m on duty slavery system laws. I abolish the slaves who break or try to break the laws in time. But main job is if Sultan orders I can use the any criminal case blaming anyone. More of all I straw the net for the opponents who really can be unsafely to our sultan. I do my best and put them into prison. My faithful job is paid about $130 USA,but my month needs is about $3000. Differences I full by scaring the innocent or blamed slaves. If opponent calls it as bribe,I get this extra profit for my smart and sly job. You know or not,we can’t survive here for $130 in our slavery. That’s why sometimes we catch big hunts to satisfy our needs.Hakims,enterprisers or authorities are our good deals. If they are more kind it’s good for them opposite their fate is solved with one crime case of cause. Get live our sultan who is our idol and head of our dark or faith deals!


Customer’s officer:  I have been working in customer’s service for 10 years. My main duty is to set to export goods from slavery 10 % and import goods coming into slavery 100% customs tax. And in this way to satisfy our sultan’s and his daughters’ willing. My simple job is paid $150 but to come true of my family dreams I need about $3000 in a month. My salary is nonsense to feel me as human. But I’m on butter. I’m proceeding on found goods as “none allowed». I’m keen on finding mistakes in goods documents. If I can’t find I Furth the checking and make the businessmen confuse and angry and leave bribe. Our sultan knows that nobody can to build big modern house for the salary of $150,but he never touches my cat. Because of me and my colleague’s endeavourers either he or we are full.  Let live our sultan who has a great stomach!



Bank clerk: I’m a clerk of slavery! One of my main duties is to exchange currency,to give credit and to change deposit currency sums to cash. First Uzbek currency was 8 sum equal to 1 $ USA .But today its equal is 2886sum to 1 $ USA. Greetings to our Sultan! There is not one rate course of exchange but any in our slavery. For only Sultan is one rate,for employees for the Sultan of the other currency exchange rate and for slaves other one. Slaves are not allowed to be served by Sultan’s rate. Our sultan and his hearers can exchange currency cheep in any bank. But slaves pay 1 USA to 2 times expensive. For our job in doing sultan’s personal interests best we get $350 for month,but my month needs is $3500. These are my extra profit from the selling currency to slaves,to give credits and slaves deposit sums change to cash. No one slavery bank clerk can survive for $350 in a month. That’s why I need to misuse my duty priorities. For example,in official currency rate  1 $ USA  is equal to 1883 Uzbek sum in  national bank but it’s  been put  good way of selling one USA currency for 2886sum in special market. Economists say,about 4 milliard $USA can be income in a year illegally. No one Law Institutions can bite the market currency exchange business. Because the fate of banking is on the hand of first lady of the slavery. None only one bank operation can be done free.   10 % of credit operation have to be gifted to clerk;in opposite slaves can only dream about credit. To cash enterprisers’ account is profitable one.25% of account sum have to be left to clerk,only 75% can be cash. If the slave agrees this condition he can see the cash. Every year banks of slavery do money transfer operations from the slaves in abroad about 5 billion $ USA.And keeping this capital in banks about week is profitable too. We share all the profit with our sultan. We are in good interests keeping the slavery system in Uzbekistan. It needs to be slave and greeting our sultan. It’s the best way of being wealthy.Oh its happiness to live in slavery! The life is enjoyable! Salute to our Sultan who supports our business!



Officer of tax service:me and my colleagues job is to contain the slavery budget 1/3 per cent and our pockets about 2/3 per cent.

To contain the empty state budget   we do our best and   improvise   all kind of false taxes and also satisfy our greediness,it’s not easy job.  For my endeavoring of lying the slaves our government  award me  about $230 in a month and my needs are about  $2500  I know there is some difference but this profit is done me for being smart and lying abilities. But hypocrite opponent calls my extra profit as “bribe” .You think is it easy to improvise false taxes and persuade slaves to pay 2 times extra tax  and to contain either state  budget or our pockets  in same time? Every worker of tax service can’t survive for tiny salary which they have for month. Every man has a dream in his life and wish it’s came true and you should try to be smart and sly gaining taxes for to pockets. God bless our Sultan who gives us opportunities to being able to gain twice taxes from slaves.


Businessman:  My everyday task is to product goods. Do you believe how I had met   difficult before involving my enterprise any innovation from abroad?  God see I succeed gaining the crops of my hard work. And it has been put economy balance in my enterprise. When I got over all the difficult and became rich and have begun to live as a man all the government authorities  ever fire  or tax service,or hokimiyat authorities and procurator,or economy  checking  and electricity  inspectors had been becoming  to plundering my enterprise and I was sick and tired of their non breaking visits. When I expressed my refusal   to their illegal visits procurator put the full stop to my activities as enterpriser. To be a good enterpriser in our slavery is equal to fight with devil. All the gifts,bribes,presents for every authority of hakimiyat or bank clerk make you so helpless. I’m not enterpriser but I’m a poor man who has lost everything. I’m on opposite to unjust land bribery system in slavery. We are sick and tired of being slave. I’m one of these who are opposite to the system of bribery and covet and to sultan’s ruling who gives wide facilities of such system. I’m in a side of democracy and being elected the democracy president who can live with the peoples need and ache.  It’s time to turn our slavery to freedom Uzbekistan. Get away the slavery!  Get away the system of slaves! Let exist the freedom!


The worker of medicine:My duty is to keep slaves health. I’m a surgery of the unique district hospital. Our hospital needs some medical equipment. My salary is about $100 for month. And my month needs not enough of $500 truly my salary must be about $1500 But it’s pity we have no any rights to express our minds. We hardly survive with our family to this salary. But it‘d be better to get our poor salary in time. We have to expect getting it whole month,but our salary is paid less than 20 per cent for cash,because of putting them in plastic card. We are not sick and tired f working but thinking how to support family. Sometimes I think that slaves in ancient slavery system might be lived more easily than we nowadays in modern slavery system. We are the “modern slaves” of “modern” slavery system. Ever we live harder than ancient slaves. We are sick and tired of being slave!  It’s time to divide into the pieces the chains! Enough to be on enslave! We are against the slavery! We are in desire to put democracy society in Uzbekistan. We are in desire to see democracy and just president instead of Sultan. We are in desire not to be slaves but to be our Uzbekistan free! Get away the slavery system and let live free Uzbekistan!


Teacher: I’m a specialist which graduated from the teachers’ training institute by the permanently gifting the professors. I was made do. All the meaning about taking examinations or graduating from with your levels of knowledge had been already left long last in our Slavery Uzbekistan. This circumstance never affects to my professional activities. Because  it doesn’t belong only teaching but growing the cotton in fields,care of them and taking part active on cotton  picking company with my students. That’s why my students never guess my low level knowledge. For my both profession providing at same time my government award me with my salary about $130 in a month. But it’s not enough for living standards for month. But we are made to agree this respect. Gathering from my students some class and school funds,some presents in holidays hardly cover my poor life. The opposite opponents call it as “bribe”. But to gather class and school funds from the students is very hard job and I do big job for it. It’s not easy. Please,understand,no one teacher enough $130 salary for needs in our slavery Uzbekistan. But this shortage salary can’t be paid in time. Or it is paid only by plastic card. But there is no a system how to work with plastic cards in Uzbekistan. There are no any facilities to use them in markets. Shops are interested in selling goods for 10 per cent higher to cards. To change card sums for cash we have to deal with bank clerk to 15 per cent less than. Only then we are able to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables in bazaars. To support   our family is harder and harder every day. That’s why our hopes are only to our students. This circumstance influences bad to teachers’ reputation and they haven’t any respect by their students and their parents. Also it influences harm to students’ education and   brings to their bad behaviors and low level of knowledge. These facts cause to destroy the healthy society in our Uzbekistan. It’s very dangerious.But who expresses his refusal and opposite of unjust policy at schools this person is unemployed with any methods till putting to prison or in hospital for soul illnesses. Enough! We must destroy the slavery system! We want it extremely much! We want to live and work as real man! Our aim is to elect democratic president who will protect of human rights instead of Sultan. Get away the Slavery! Get away the sultan who turned the poor people into the slaves! Let live our free Uzbekistan!


Day laborer, Gosterbaiter:I had been left the slavery for more than four years to earn some money. I’m in Russia to find my food sent by God. I’m a high educated engineer. But I had bee unemployment for five years because of couldn’t find any job by my profession. Fatally I’m one of the five millions who needed to leave his three months wife to find any job in abroad. Haven’t been in Slavery and seen my closes long. When I was here my wife had been already mother there. I couldn’t share the happiness being parents in first minutes with my wife. Now they say,my son is three years old. I saw his photo and I’m missing. But to support them I have to stay here yet. If it isn’t destroyed the slavery system thousands of young people like me continues being victim their life as a day laborer in Russia,Korea or in Kazakhstan. Condemnation to the Sultan of the slavery who turned us into slaves and being of hungry made us leave our motherland and went to abroad,made our children grow without fathers! Get away the slavery! It needs to destroy the slavery system! Only then we will be able to come back to our country and see our hearers!  Be fight against slavery! Get away slavery system!


Students:In spite of my deep knowledge by all subjects I couldn’t pass entering tests and I’m one of the students whose parents could be payable and not hided their whole life deposed account for the child’s stepping   on the threshold of the high establishment. If it was the end the gifts for professors it would be fine. But it’s not. You can’t see the ending of the plundering. Professors are looking forward to seeing us in terms. For every exam or work we have to pay besides of paying contract every year during 4-5 years. Bribery system and corruption is so developed in our institute and sometimes I’m in confuse and think that may be our life on the earth has been built like this. The slavery Sultan,listen,our teachers are slaves,and students are slaves too and our parents demands on this system. When it will be stopped the slavery system? Is there any way to stop the slavery system? If there is how? To pull out the slavery system from the root is our great dream! Condemn to the owner of slaves,Sultan of the slavery who turned us into slaves! Get stop his ruler! We want to see Uzbekistan as free and prosperity and being its president as democratic and just! We like to believe get away the slavery system and being Uzbekistan as free and prosperity!


School students:I’m in grade six at slavery school. During the nine month academic year we can sit at the desk only about two months and half. From September until the second part of December,from March until May we work on the fields with farms. All the processes of cotton growing are our duty. Over of summer holidays also we spend in taking part on growing cotton. It begins cotton picking company in September. It’s not so bad picking cotton,because we can be payable class and school funds,holiday gifts for teachers and other gaining at school. In the cotton fields we are more free from our teachers inquires. But it’s bad to sleep in the farm at cold nights where there is no any floor,wet and cold. It’s not either set any stove there. Especially girls catch some cold in any part of their body which will be revealed in some times. The cotton picking is not paying. In opposite we are always in debt for some food which we eat there,though if can be called as food,only macaroni with bread. We learn nothing at school. There are a few computers at schools and they can’t be used because of shortage electricity. And our school years are waste of time.  We are unsatisfied on this circumstance. We don’t like to spend our childhood on slavery as slaves instead of learning. We wish ruined the slavery system! We want getting away the slavery sultan. And we dream seeing real Uzbekistan instead of slavery system. We live with the hopes of seeing real democratic president in Uzbekistan instead of owner of slaves. Get away slave owners and slaves! Get away our sultan! Let live future democracy Uzbekistan!


The students of lyceums and collages:I didn’t choose the collage where I study now myself. I have been sent to this collage by school without my any agreement. I study on tractor driver now,but my dream was to be a pilot. About five hundred students study on the directions of driver,book-keeper,and tractor driver at our collage. Every year about sixty young men finish tractor driver department and give a special certificate of driver. It says that there are sixty specialists in our district every year but there are only 8 or 10 tractors in park. Every three years leavers of our collage consist of 170 people. But there are no any facilities to employ them. There is no any job. That’s why leavers of our collage immediately leave for Russia after finishing the collage. For tip they are ready to do everything. Some students never attend the lessons,but they are always among the attendants in group journals to make false full groups. In this way my collage mate’s life is spoiled from the youth in the slavery system in Uzbekistan. Can we say now with full sure that “it’s the country of with great future”? Because of knowing Uzbek bad may be our sultan had some mistakes in his pronunciation of some words or he did wrong prediction from his lack feelings and sorry for the Uzbek people. Virtually,our sultan might be wanted to say that “Uzbekistan- with a great burnt future” and had changed the words with bad pronunciation. We are in opposite the policy of our sultan which leads us into dark,poverty in furure.We really want to live in with great future country! We demand our sultan’s retired! And we are in a dispute of coming just president with a real election obeying the law instead of sultan! Get away the slavery system! Get away the slavery!


Retired people,pensioners:we had spent about sixty years of our life doing hard works. And now we believe it’s time to enjoy,but our social benefice needs better. Personally I get about $100 for month. But my needs for month are about $500. Every April we face the rising prices to everything- food and public utilities and transport services in our slavery system. The half part of my social benefice I have to spend to public utilities payment. I can’t remember when I last eat some meat or butter. After the payment for public utilities the second part of my SB I spend for bread,cotton oil,rice and tea. During the making ends meet sometimes I can feel hungry. Factually,if I were awarded to get about $500 SB I’d live as a real man in our slavery system. Unfortunately,our sultan is long from our lifestyle and if he raises prices to 10 per cent higher our SB is raised only to one per cent. But last times he sees that may be our SB must be discussed again by the government because of much sum of SB for retired people by his mind. And was sent a group of Checking inspectors to make “real statistics of SB” and by their reports it seemed that retired people in slavery system got more SB than is set. It turned that we are in debt to our government. Now we pay our debts every time when we get SB. It seems to us that to be elder people is hard. I want immediately getting away of our slavery system sultan! If sultan gets away our slavery will get again as Uzbekistan! We want to have a just president Instead of cruel sultan who made our people slaves! Get away the sultan! Stop slavery! Let prosperity future democratic country of Uzbekistan!


Opponent:I was against slavery system,corruption and breaking the human rights in slavery. I fought,but during the fights I realized that before stopping the slavery system we must change all the system,first of all our president like sultan. Because my right opinions sultan considers that I’m opponent. That’s why I’m under the observing and threat. Sultan couldn’t calm if he exiled (banish) me from the country. Not only me but all my hearers and relatives were plundering,and put into the prison. I had to leave slavery. But I’m not free in abroad too. I continue to live with my people’s hurt. I want our people to be free of slavery system,hard work and poor life,and I also fight and will fight for this sacred idea! I never stop fighting until human rights in slavery rises excellent top of value. And I know the slavery sultan’s fall is soon. Not long the coming of just president who will respect the human rights and constitution instead of cruel dictator sultan. And he will change the slavery from the root. Let live Uzbekistan stepping onward with great changes!

Soldier:Now if you observe from the side it seemed to you seeing been paid good attention to soldiers. It’s the cause of hiring the young people to army serving becomes more difficult. My parents worrying about my future life came to district department of Army and gave bribe about million sums and hardly sent me to army serve. Now I’m in serve one of the army part of slavery. I see that it’s bad thing to serve here. Soldiers haven’t any facilities here and they are fed very badly. It shows they lost weight and they look like as skeleton and very thin. Its big problem with food here.Budjet supporting of soldiers is very low. But good part of food is divided between commanders and authorities first. Whole year I eat only boiled peaces and cereals three times in a day here. It’s not nutrition for us as young men. We always feel hungry and make us anxious. We have no any mighty for trainings. Such condition makes us to sell our weapon details to local people,or do bargen with them. If we hadn’t had such way of surviving our soldiers had already died long before there. Sometimes we help farmers to dig potatoes or to pick strawberry or other fruits in their farms. It’s enjoyable to walk to garden;we are full of some fruits there. Lucky soldiers are hired as a black worker in authorities’ plot. They enjoy being served three times food every day by household. Our commanders are well informed about the having lost of whole part of weapon details in the army department,but they never report to the top. They are afraid of falling from their position. It’s finishing my serving in army but I haven’t learnt how to use well any army weapon yet. I don’t know how we will defend our slavery if we haven’t any skills of using weapons. We are as slaves here and obey all their orders without any word. Soldiers are expluatated here how they like. We are tired the leading policy of slavery sultan! It’s he who turned us into gardeners or security of farms but not only soldiers. We are shy of our conditions. Get away the slavery! We want to be free from the slavery and to be real soldiers. We want immediately to be retired the slavery sultan! Get away the cruel sultan and come just president instead of him! It’s our demands!


A mother with a small child; I have been married for four years. When I was in a three month pregnant my husband had to leave me and went to Russia about 3’5 years ago. We hadn’t met yet,though our child has been already calling him. I’m on holiday of caring the baby now. I get for my child from the mahalla about 123000 sums (in national currency).It’s equal of $40. It’s not enough for my child’s need or food. I get this benefit not as cash but in card. Because of shortage of plastic cards in banks leader of mahalla joined us 5 women in one group and gave only one card for us all. Now we use it by turn and are used doing. But problem is in order the using. Everybody wants to be first. Solving way of the problem only one to come to bank clerk and ask for cashing less than 15%.It’s the hard way of surviving but we have to do. Also we have shortage problems of gas,electricity and clean water in our village. We are slaves,not have a washing in any sauna months. Is it can be called as lifestyle? If is how? I’m sick and tired of the policy of slavery sultan! The poor slavery slaves in an awful endless suffer! I don’t want my child’s fate like me and being suffer him too. Get away the slavery and its sultan. Instead of selfish sultan let come just president. Let be free the slavery slaves! Let live freedom!


Farmer: I grow cotton,wheat and produce silk from insect. I’m also on duty to keep gardening and cattle farming. Agricultural duties are the on the shoulders of farmers but I can’t remember when I lived as real man. During the cotton picking company we can see the cash real of money. During the wheat harvest all procurators,militia and other authorities of hokimiyat appear on the top of harvest,though we were promised to own extra harvest of crops. Scaring of procurer’s false blaming I give them all harvest. Being upset and tired you get hardly home and face another problem as shortage of gas,tea or some hot food. Lack of electricity you either can’t see TV. I’m a simple farmer with low education but slavery sultan knows what to do. May be it needs suffer people not giving anything and keep them in poverty. To see TV or listen to radio or using computer can change people’s opinion and they suddenly begin understand their poor life and conditions. And they can open their eyes widely and they can be more educated and learn to look at their life in other side. Then they can demand their rights and our sultan is afraid of it. His aim and policy way is to keep people not only in poverty as slaves but their remaining in eyeless dark. Its easy way to hold uneducated village population in one hand,to plundering any time not to give rising. We demand to be real payable and respectable equally to our hard work! Get retired slavery sultan immediately! Let open slaves eyes! Let come just president instead of sultan!


Journalist:My duty is to make a slogan every word which is pronounced from the mouth of our sultan and boast our sultan. To exclaim not real life in slavery but imagine dream life of people and show it like real,to calm people with fairy-tales,to make believe slaves in imaginary good life in the slavery system and to educate them in believing of only our sultan and  persuade  to beg only him and  again him. It’s not written law of slavery journalists. Who steps a little bit side from this unwritten law will be poor and unrespectable,and of course,will be unemployment. If you want to be successful in this career be selfish,tell a lie,and be pursued! It’s our professional slogan! For my faith serving to slavery system I’m paid $100 USA per month. My month needs is about $500. And of course my salary not enough to my needs,that’s why everywhere I go;establishments,offices,hokimiyat,schools,kindergartens we take gifts. We don’t like depending on somebody or something but our system makes us. We have no any choose and other alternatives because of this system. We want to remain our sultan under the just shadow! We want to come just president instead of sultan! But we can’t say about it orally. We are ordered to be deaf and dump and eyeless. We dream sultan’s retired and being free from the slavery!


Prisoner: My fault is to be in opposite against the sultan’s policy. That’s why I was prisoner. There are unwritten prison rules too. They are its sultan,slave and owner. Our sultan doesn’t like to forget about me either here. Sometimes let somebody to make a step on killing me,and making unsafely life for me here by some cruel prisoners. If there is any volunteer to be in devil,let come to slavery prison. It’s specially turned into devil by sultan. Prison authority never counts prisoners as human. Especially who accused by the religion and policy blame. Prison authority always beat with dubinka( stick) for every reason. We are suffering from the slavery system! We against sultan and his policy! We want to be him retired! Get away slavery sultan!



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