Mar 022012


The Initiative Group of Uzbek diaspora in Sweden

On Friday, March 2, 2012, Uzbek Diaspora in collaboration with others is planning to hold peaceful protests in connection with the assassination attempt (which took place in Wednesday 2012-02-22 in Strömsund, Sweden) on the life of popular Uzbek cleric Obidkhon Nazarov who is also famous with his critics against Uzbek government. The protests will take place in Sweden, USA, Turkey, Denmark, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

The purpose of the protest is to request from the Swedish government:

  • To find and punish the perpetrators, organizers and those who financed the assassination attempt.
  • To upgrade level of the criminal investigation that was initiated after the assassination attempt to an international level, where many international organizations and countries such as UN, OSCE, EU and U.S. need to be included.
  • To implement all necessary measures so that safety of the political refugees and their families in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe is guaranteed.

We urge everyone who are indifferent to what happened to dissident cleric Obidkhon Nazarov, and all who care about the safety of politically active refugees and their families to participate in the protest.

We also invite all media representatives and journalists to attend and cover the event on the protests scene.

Date, time, location of the protest and contact details of the protest organizers in various countries:




Date and Time


Sweden Hasan Pulatov (Uzbek) Mynttorget

111 28 Stockholm




(Stockholm time)

Ahmadjon Azimov (Uzbek) +46736398079
Abdulmajid Termiziy (English, Swedish, Uzbek, Arabic) +46722067475

USA Ahmadhon Rahimov (English, Uzbek, Russian) Embassy of Sweden Washington

2900 K Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20007



10:00-12:00 (Washington time)


Turkey Adem Cevik (Turkish) Consulate General of Sweden

Istiklal Caddesi 247 (Tünel)

Beyoglu, Istanbul



13:30-14:30 (Istanbul time)

Aliboy Yo`lyahshi (Uzbek) +905549873294
Ibrohim Abdullo (Uzbek, Russian) +905374044308

Netherlands Bahodir Uzakov (Uzbek, Russian, Danish) Ambassade van Zweden


Postbus 85601

2508 CH Den Haag


Jan Willem Frisolaan 3


10:00-11:00 (Haag time)


Zafar Mavlyanov (Dutch) +31643105312

Denmark Mustafo Ahmadov (Uzbek, Russian, Danish) EmbassyofSweden

Sankt Annæ Plads 15 B

1250 Copenhagen



13:30-14:30 (Copenhagen time)


UK Farkhod Abdullah (English, Uzbek) Embassy of Sweden

11 Montagu Place

London W1H 2AL



11:00-12:00 (London time)





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