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20.01.2012 16:39
Jamshid has the right to live freely!

jamsidFor several days, the whereabouts of Jamshid Karimov, an independent journalist from Dzhizak region in Uzbekistan remains unknown. He is also a nephew of President of Uzbekistan.  Last November, Jamshid was released from a psychiatric hospital in Samarkand, where he was kept against his will for several years. We are very concerned that our friend and colleague has suddenly disappeared; he lived for meetings and conversations with his friends and colleagues and after years of seclusion he was planning to return to his favorite occupation, which is a journalism. Unfortunately, Uzbekistan is a country where the sudden silence of anyone, a follower of any beliefs should cause concern.

Even back in 2006, Jamshid had large plans, especially he dreamt about writing a book about his powerful relative; and in stubborn manner peculiar to him, he openly talked about his plans and wishes to deliver a number of major public speeches on the situation in his hometown Dzhizak. Eventually, those plans and his honesty led him to a psychiatric hospital in Samarkand. In his last conversation with us a few days ago, Jamshid, like seven years ago, was candid and talked about his desire to start writing a book, to renew his ties with the media. He was full of enthusiasm and inspiration…

So far, the fate of our friend and colleague is unknown to us; our attempts to find out his whereabouts have failed. Our worst suspicion is that Jamshid is locked up again. If it’s true, we can only hope that the forced confinement is in the form of a house arrest. We console ourselves with the hope that he was just released from the mental hospital and they would not put him right back there. At the same time, we understand that if he is under a house arrest, he would be suffering tremendously. The deprivation of opportunity to write and speak to a journalist is much worse than incarceration into a psychiatric hospital. Most likely, Jamshid has again found himself in the most terrible, oppressive atmosphere and his freedom-loving soul is suffering again.

Jamshid, like any man on this planet has the right to live as a free man, to creativity and love; to respect anyone or to hate anyone he wants. Nobody, including the President, the authorities of Uzbekistan has the right to decide how people should live. We demand the cessation of blatant interference into the life of Jamshid Karimov!  We call upon the world community not to remain indifferent to the fate of the journalists. We also appeal to Jamshid’s colleagues from around the world to join us in our demand: “Jamshid has the right to live freely!”

We demand the answers from the authorities of Uzbekistan, the authorities that today are trying to tell our friend Jamshid how to walk, how to stand, where to drink and what to eat, when and in which direction to sneeze. We demand from employees of those government agencies that are involved in this “dirty” work to assure us that Jamshid is alive and safe. We demand to leave journalists alone! If you don’t like what Jamshid openly says about your immoral acts, be sensible and brave and try to change your own ways, work on your own weaknesses and don’t try to eliminate a journalist. Try to understand that if Jamshid Karimov fails to tell the truth about your evil deeds and if he forcibly gets silent, there are a lot of us who will do that. Enough is enough: “Jamshid has the right to live freely!“.

It’s unbelievable, but today Uzbekistan doesn’t even strive to be equaled to democratic countries; moreover, democratic countries are trying to find an approach to Uzbekistan. As the result of these unsound actions, Uzbekistan crossed all boundaries. Now, it’s the norm in this country to silence a journalist, to punish him or even to expel him out of his own country. The authorities created very cruel system inside the country, although, speaking at the highest international tribunes, they impudently lie about the respect and observance of human rights. And the world community is silently swallowing these lies and therefore becoming a direct participant and an instigator of further repressions.

We call upon the international community to re-evaluate its unsound policy on Uzbekistan and not to deviate from the values that have been proclaimed as the most important ones. Please join us in our effort to protect those values and say: “Jamshid has the right to live freely! Demand from the authorities of Uzbekistan to leave alone Jamshid Karimov. Don’t be indifferent to the fate of our colleague!

1. Mutabar Tajibaeva, Human Rights Activist
2. Ulugbek Haydarov,
Independent Journalist, Canada
3. Sahif Kotib,
Head Editor Publisher, Ukraine
4. Husniddin Kutbiddinov, Independent Journalist, USA
5. Abdmalik Boboev,
Journalist, Uzbekistan
6. Nasrullo Sayyid,
Writer. Canada
7. Kudrat Bobojon,
Journalist, Sweden

8. Yusuf Rasul, Journalist, Sweden
9. Daniil Kislov,
Head Editor of Ferghana.ru, Moscow
10. Ellin Yonsson,
Journalist, Head editor of Shveden TV in Russia
11. Abdujalil Boymatov,
Human Rights Activist, Ireland
12. Farhodhon Muhtarov,
Human Rights Activist, Uzbekistan
13. Aleksandr Kuleshov,
Head Editor of “Vancouver Express”, Canada
14. Azizulloh Faryobiy,
Poet, Canada
15. Tukkin Karaev,
Human Rights Activist, Sweden
16. Gulshan Karaeva,
Human Rights Activist, Uzbekistan
17. Jahongir Muhammad,
Writer, Journalist, USA
18. Staff of Internet Publisher “Turonzamin”
19. Staff of Internet Publishere “Zamondosh”
20. Alisher Taksanov,
Journalist, Switzerland
21. Gafur Yuldoshev,
Journalist, Canada
22. Bahodir Musaev,
The Political Scientist, Uzbekistan
23. Sanjar Umarov,
24. Abdujabbar Ismail
25. Hazratkul Hudoyberdi,
Human Rights Activist, Sweden
26. Adham Tangriev,
Activist of “Birdamlik”
27. Muborak Mamatkulova,
Activist of “Birdamlik”
28. Members of People’s Movement of Uzbekistan,
Canadian Branch
29. Pirmuhammad Holmuhammad, Canada

30.Shuhrat Ahmadjonov, USA
31.Muhammadsolih Abutov,

32. Vladimir Husainov, Human Rights Activist, Uzbekistan
33. Bashorat Eshova,
34. Togbay Abdurazzok, Canada
35. Aleksey Voloseevich, Journalist, Uzbekistan
36. Ulugbek Babakulov,
Head Editor of Newspaper “МК Asia”, Bishkek
37. Ilham Fayzimatov,
Activist of “Birdamlik”, Russia
38. Muhammad Salih,
Poet, Head of People’s Movement of Uzbekistan
39. Salomatoy Boymatova,
Activist of the Human Rights Alliance, Uzbekistan

40. Saodat Amonova, Journalist, Journaist, Uzbekistan

41. Марат Nasybulin, Activist of People’s Movement of Uzbekistan, Canada.

42. Talib Yakubov, Human Rights Activist,

43. Ismail Dadajanov, Human Rights Activist, Sweden



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