Mar 242011


His Majesty King of Norway


Norwegian Prime Minister

Your Excellencies, Uzbekistan is one of the ruthless dictatorship countries of the world and where is persecution of people for their political, religious and social beliefs is routine.

Due to collapse of dictatorial regimes in Arab countries Uzbek people are hoping that Karimov’s 22 year dictatorship rule will end in near future. Knowing the tragic end of the dictators in Arab world Islam Karimov is trying to resist and destroy any form of rebel against his tyranny. According to our source inside the Uzbek government, Islam Karimov ordered his Security Service (Uzbek KGB) to create a provocation against the Scandinavian countries, including Norway, where are thousands of asylum seekers from Uzbekistan gathered these days. Deported asylum seekers to Uzbekistan will be tried in a special Courts where are fabricated cases by Uzbek Security Services will be performed. The main purpose of such a brutal trials is to show the Uzbek society confessions of traitors which would be taken under torture. Our source says that Uzbek Security Service has already started fabricating the false cases against the asylum seekers who will be deported to Uzbekistan and according to that cases these deported people will be accused in having contact with Scandinavian intelligence services and being their spies who were trained and taught in a special camps to organise public disorders, rebel and overthrow the president Karimov. According to Uzbek Security Service’s fabricated plan one of the training camps located in Norway. To strengthen the credibility of the trials some Uzbek intelligence officers will play an asylum seeker’s role who already had been to Scandinavian countries, including Norway, as an asylum seeker. The performance of such a brutal trials aims to accuse the ordinary Uzbek people as a traitors and Scandinavian spies in case they rebel against Karimov’s dictatorship.

The people who have been already deported to Uzbekistan are now under police and Security Service’s control and they all were treated as a traitors and brutally tortured. Islam Karimov as a typical dictator systemically has shown that he doesn’t tolerate with any democratic principles and he doesn’t wish to improve basic rights of human being like human rights, freedom of expression and religious beliefs. As a proof of above written we can show that Islam Karimov recently banned the activity of Human Rights Watch in Uzbekistan and enforced this well-known organisation to shut its office in Tashkent.

Your Majesty King of Norway


Prime Minister,

The Democratic Fund of Uzbekistan (UzDemFund) is an independent body and is trying to negotiate with its allies inside the Uzbek government and Law enforcement organisations on changing the dictatorship rule in Uzbekistan with democratic way. In case Uzbek people rebel against Karimov’s dictatorship rule UzDemFund aims to use a democratic ways to overthrow the dictator and lessen the victims of rebel and doesn’t wish the escalation of bloodshed in Uzbekistan like Libya.

We request the Norwegian government to reconsider its decision on deportation of Uzbek asylum seekers to their country of origin. And we believe that suspension of deportation of Uzbek asylum seekers to their country of origin will save the lives of innocent people and being tortured to death in one of the ruthless dictatorship countries of the world. At the same time suspension of deportation of Uzbek asylum seekers to Uzbekistan gives a chance to Norway to avoid taking part in Uzbek Security Service’s well planned and brutal provocation against its own people and Norway as well.

We would like to inform to Norwegian Government that UzDemFund is ready for full cooperation with Norway on that matter and will apply for international aid in case there is difficulties or shortages on financing Uzbek asylum seeker’s living expenses.

Sincerely Yours

Head of UzDemFund’s Board

Safar Bekjon
Geneva, Switzerland

+41 21 624 12 59

1004 Lausanne

Ikrom Yakubov

Former Uzbek Intelligence officer

Representative of UzDemFund’s London Bureau

London, the UK

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